Belongs to an Indigenous mukkuva community with more than 35 years experience of social work in the fishing community including that as a citizen researcher. He is the founder of FML and represented UN ocean conference 2017.

Robert Pani Pilla




Belongs to an Indigenous mukkuva community. She is a Marine Biologist and SCUBA diver. She was selected for the DARWIN SCHOLARSHIP in 2016. Since 2012 she has been an active executive member of FML , as well as research associate.

Aneesha Ani Benadict

Research Associate

"I have been serving as treasurer since 2010. Being a non-profit organization we all are proud to serve as volunteers."

Rosamma Velappan


Marine Biologist and the leader of FML’s Scuba diving team – Under his leadership FML documented Seabed ecosystems directly related to fishermen’s livelihood up to 43 meter depth including two sunken ship areas. Since 2012 he is actively involved in FML’s research works and is now part of our Executive Committee.


Marine Biologist