Read what some of our Student Members have to say:

Tessy Titus
Tessy Titus


My name is Tessy Titus. I completed my +2 course and am presently preparing for medical entrance examination. Along with this, I am helping the SSLC students of SRMERC on biology as a smart class volunteer. It was through SRMERC I have joined FML. I acquired a lot of knowledge and interesting facts about marine biodiversity through FML’s activities. We also discuss about current relevant affairs about biodiversity. FML also paved the way for improving my skills other than in the academic field. FML conducts a lot of workshops which improve our extracurricular skills, without focusing only into studies. FML has been a great platform for me to develop my personality.



Akhil Raj
Akhil Raj


I have only 3 years of experience in FML. I joined FML when I was a student of SRMERC. FML is a sister organization of SRMERC. Even though I have 3 years of experience, I am confident that I have enough knowledge to take a seminar on marine biodiversity and importance of its conservation. Three quarter of earth is covered with sea, but our knowledge about sea is very limited. FML is an NGO established in order to equip our students with knowledge about sea. FML also conducts programs which provide us academic help such as workshops on GPS, Photoshop, etc. and also visits to coastal areas. We discuss many socially relevant affairs in our meetings. As a student the experience at FML has influenced me a lot.
Presently I have completed my plus two and I am doing my BSc in Nursing. Along with that, I am also a volunteer for Biology smart classes at SRMERC.


David Mathew
David Mathew


I am a member of FML from 2012 onwards, I joined SRMERC when I was in my 8th standard. I was interested in FML’s activities as its goal was very noble. FML aims at creating awareness among younger generation of the coastal area like me about the amazing dimensions of coastal life. Through FML’s activities I became aware of the interesting biodiversity in the sea, some of the rarest marine organisms and the problems of marine people. FML also helped in our academic life through programs such as GPS training, Photoshop training, seminars etc. Study organized at various coastal towns provided quite a lot of information to us. Presently I have completed my plus two and I am doing a medical entrance repeater course. Along with that, I am a volunteer for smart classes for 10th std students in SRMERC for Biology, with my FML friends Akhil, Tessy and Aneesha.



Vignesh Guru


I am Vignesh Guru. I am doing my computer science 2nd year higher secondary course in St. Joseph H.S.S Trivandrum. My ambition is to become a skillful Architect in the future. FML is a community of students like me and some responsible adults. Along with +2 classes, I am a volunteer for smart classes in Chemistry in SRMERC, for 10th standard students.

FML makes us socially aware and provides us opportunities for protecting our environment in various ways. FML is an exceptional organization in today’s world of people who are not considering their responsibility.



Sangeeth Shyam
Sangeeth Shyam


My name is Sangeeth Shyam. I am doing my plus two computer science program. My ambition is to become an Animator. I am a member of FML. As a member of FML, wherever my participation is required, I have to fulfill that.

Along with this, I am now a volunteer for Chemistry smart classes in SRMERC for 10th std students.




All our regular members are listed below:

  • Dr. Hufsa Husain, Ayurveda Doctor, Vallakkadavu, Trivandrum.
  • Miss. Amina Badusha, Engineering Student, Priyadarshini Nagar, Trivandrum.
  • Miss.Gigi Raj, Engineer, Valiyathura, Trivandrum.
  • Miss.Shalima, Nurse, Valiyathura, Trivandrum.
  • Miss.Shanthini Charls, Nurse, Valiyathura, Trivandrum.
  • Miss.Tessy Titus, Bio- Science Student, Cheriyathura, Trivandrum
  • Miss.Roshni Rajan , Bio-Science Student, Valiyathura, Trivandrum.
  • Miss.Leneeta R, Bio-Science Student, Valiyathura , Trivandrum
  • Mr.Akhil Raj, Nursing Student, St. Xaviers Nagar, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Kevin Nelson, Engineer, Valiyathura, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Immanuel Robert, Computer Science Student, Cheriyathura.
  • Mr.David Mathew, Bio-Science Student, Valiyathope, Trivandrum.
  • Mr. Jaison Rozario, Law Student, Valiyathura, Trivandrum
  • Mr. Akhil Bose, Engineering Student, Valiyathura, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Robertson R, Videographer ,Valiyaveli, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Vignesh Guru, Bio-Science Student, KochuThope, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Sangheeth Shyam, Computer Science Student, Kochuthope, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Vijeesh T, MBA Student, Poonthura, Trivandrum.
  • Mr.Fazal Rahman, Social Worker, North Paravoor, Ernakulam.
  • Mr.Beema Raj, Scuba Diver, Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu.